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Health system administration Essays

Health system administration Essays Health system administration Paper Health system administration Paper There have been increased linkages among health care organizations in the US to ensure that there is proper provision of efficient, equitable and reliable basic health care to the ever increasing world’s population, (Scot 2000). These organizations are linked by unique and strategic alliances where strategic alliance refers to loosely coupled interoganizational relationships between different organizations that are related in ways in which they offer health care, each preserving its legal identity and functional autonomies. These linkages are always voluntary and all members must be sharing common interests concerning basic health care to individuals regardless of their incomes and positions in the society. In the US statistics reveals that there have been very few public organizations created over the past few years to deliver health care services to the otherwise large population. More so there have been alarming rates of decline in the value and reliability of the services they provide as compared to the private non-governmental health care organizations. However the National Patient Safety Foundation of the US was founded among other organizations like National Center for Patient Safety and The Commonwealth Fund; to reduce the rates of patients’ death in any health sector. The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) was founded in 1996 by a group of medical and educational organizations like the American Medical Association (AMA), 3M, CAN Health program and other contributors from the Schenny plough corporation. Initially NPSF was an independent educational and non-profit oriented research organization which was concerned with educating patients on basic health care. It gradually developed to be unprecedented partnership of institutional providers, health product manufacturers, health care practitioners, health care products providers, legal advisors, researchers and policy makers committed to making health care services safe to all patients from all walks of life. Through well structured leadership, research support team and an educational team the NPSF is committed to one major objective of making patients safety a national priority in the USA. NPSF is having the mission of improving and maintaining an excellent and measurably quality patient’s safety when it comes to the delivery of basic health care. To achieve this following efforts have bee put to practice by the NPSF team: identification and creation of core health care body of knowledge, identification of all the available pathways to apply the created knowledge, development and enhancement of the culture of receptivity to patients safety in all the health institutions, raising public awareness and fostering communication about importance of patients safety and finally improving the status of the foundation and its general ability to meet the specified goals. NPSF is run by three distinct bodies with each body having well spelled out role to play for the organization; they are the Board of Directors, Board of Governors and the Lucian Leape Institute. The Board of Directors is a team of 15 people chaired by Paul A Gluck MD Miami institute. The Directors are entitled to the responsibility of providing strategic and good operational skills and the maintenance of the foundations fiduciary responsibilities. The Board of Governors is a 31 member team chaired by Carol A Ley. The Governors are supposed to focus on the program direction so as to keep up the foundations mission and initiate fundraising to support any new initiatives within the foundation. The Lucian Leape Institute is acting as the think tank of the foundation and it defines most of the strategic means and ways to be followed. It is also supposed to call for action when it comes to regarding the field of patients’ safety. Further on its supposed to provide a clear vision and contextual framework for the numerous efforts that are being undertaken within the health care system. Through the institutes developed round tables it is in apposition to issue reports that aimed at guiding of the field and ensuring that the whole system addresses the critical issues that puts NPSF safe. The success of NPSF have been seen in the ways the have been striving to reduce the number of incidents related to medical errors, this has been the task set aside specifically to the Board of Directors. According to Richards (2002) medical errors have been killing tens of thousand of people in the US hospitals more than the deaths caused by AIDS, breast cancer and highway accidents combined together. Recent health care studies have revealed that there are deaths from 44,000 to 98,000 people annually in the hospitals but the number could go a notch higher if the number of people who die due to errors on daily-surgery, retail pharmacies, out patient clinics and nursing homes from medical errors are not watched carefully (Kotler 2001).

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Why Challenging The Status Quo Will Make You A Better Leader

Why Challenging The Status Quo Will Make You A Better Leader Challenging the status quo is about as inspirational as penguins walking on the beach. Source: ^^^Oh yeah, that’s a thing. Today, a call to challenge the status quo seems tired and played out†¦and honestly, what does it even look like? Does challenging the status quo mean becoming an anti-establishment rebel? Or constantly pointing out the flaws in your organization? Or being the manager who â€Å"zigs† when everyone else â€Å"zags†? Maybe so. But what if challenging the status quo was something far more positive than negative†¦ more exciting than intimidating? All while actually being  possible? In this post, you’ll learn exactly: What’s at stake for you  and your company if you don’t challenge the status quo. How to specifically identify your status quo  and its impact in your organization. And a novel way to approach leading positive change  in any context. Before you dive in, grab your free â€Å"Challenging The Status Quo Worksheet†Ã‚  so you can pinpoint the negative impact of status quo in your team, marketing, or organization as a whole. in oneplace. Save 20 hrs this week alone and every weekafter. If youve ever kicked the tires on , nows the time to see what its reallylike. Schedule Your Demo Success! Your download should start shortly. Clean up the chaos with your editorial calendar! With , youll Save time with blogging, social, and email think HOURS every week Schedule your social posts in batches and increase your posting frequency super easily Get your sht together and hold yourself accountable to publishing like the boss you are! Now’s the perfect time to start your 14-day free trial to see for yourself! Start Your Free Trial

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International Adoption Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

International Adoption - Annotated Bibliography Example in formalities have to be accomplished by the new parents of the adopted child and the above mentioned site provides adequate information related to this topic. This site demonstrates all the interrelated issues of international adoption. A brief idea regarding the history and political background of this topic and recent development of legal process can be generated. CDC. â€Å"Highlights†. October 06, 2010. Adoption Experiences of Women and Men and Demand for Children to Adopt by Women 18–44 Years of Age in the United States, 2002, 2008. This is a government site comprising of various statistics related to the adoption. A gender wise categorical demonstration of the statistics has been provided. It also highlights the demand aspect for international adoption and characteristics of the children that attract women and men separately. Before adopting a child from a different country, especially at the planning stage, couples should consider various processes to develop a proper understanding with the process of international adoption and this site bring into light all those pre-adoption process. In this book the author has guided the parents through providing information regarding the criteria for selection of the country and an agency, determining the costs and other valuable information. The author has also enlightened the difference in domestic and international adoption. It is very important to develop an idea regarding the sending and receiving countries for international adoption and legal procedures of those countries and this article provide country wise descriptions and especially the legal

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Country with High Mortality Rates- Angola Term Paper

Country with High Mortality Rates- Angola - Term Paper Example Location/geography It has an area of 481,321 square miles making it the twenty-third largest country in the world. It lies between latitudes 4 degrees and 18 degrees south and longitudes 12 degrees and 24 degrees east (Staeger, 2012). It gets bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo on the North, Zambia on the east and to the south is Namibia. The country’s west coast lies on the Atlantic Ocean and capital and largest city is Luanda. The country has experienced an intense civil war which lasted for close to 40 years. The country’s official language is Portuguese but it has various recognized national languages; Kikongo, Chokwe, Umbundu, Ganguela and Kwanyama (Staeger, 2012). Population Population in Angola gets estimated to be around 18,056,072 as of July 2012 (Staeger, 2012). 37% of the population consists of the Ovimbundu tribe, 25% the Ambundu, 13% bakongo and 32% the other ethnic groups including Asians and Europeans (Staeger, 2012). As at the end of 2007, Angola ha d an estimated population of 12,100 refugees and in 2008 it is estimated 400,000 had moved to Angola as migrant workers from Congo (Staeger, 2012). Statistics also shows that there are 30,000 Portuguese and more than 259,000 Chinese people in Angola. The fertility rate of Angola according to the 2012 estimates is 5.5 making it the eleventh highest in the world. The Angolan population grows by 2.2% annually as there are 44.5 births and 24.8 deaths in every one thousand citizens (Staeger, 2012). The infant mortality rate is 184 deaths in every one thousand live births and their life expectancy is 37.63 years (Staeger, 2012). Government Angola’s government is based on the constitution that got amended and passed in 2010 (Staeger, 2012). They have the executive branch which gets headed by the president who serves as both the head of state and the government. The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces. One gets to become the president only if he or she receives th e majority votes in the national assembly and they are allowed to serve for a maximum of two five year terms. The country has a unicameral National Assembly which has two hundred and twenty elected members (Staeger, 2012). The country is administratively divided into eighteen provinces each headed by a governor who in turn answer to the president. The National assembly is responsible for making and amending the constitution. The country enjoys a nominally multi party democracy after intense civil war between individual leaders who wanted to have absolute power. The executive is made up of the president and a council of ministers since the position of the prime minister was abolished (Staeger, 2012). The council of ministers entails all ministers and assistant ministers who regulate policy issues. Their constitution has broad outlines which define the government structure and also protect the rights of the citizens and at the same time it outlines the duties of the citizens (Staeger, 2012). Their legal system is mainly based on the Portuguese and customary law making it to be fragmented and weak. The Supreme Court acts as the appellate tribunal. The country has no court with judicial review powers despite the statutory authorization by the constitution. Economy The countries financial operation and system gets regulated by the National Bank of Angola. The country is rich in diamonds, gold, copper, oil and wildlife which significantly boost the economy of the country (Staeger, 2012).

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Perfectionism and Eating Disorders Essay -- Self Image Esteem Health P

Perfectionism and Eating Disorders Many extreme pressures exist in modern society which directly affect a large number of the population to the point of extremity. In an age of high technology, rapid development, and intense social pressure, the pressure to be the best of the best prevails. Many people succumb to the pressure in a variety of ways, some beneficial, and some detrimental. Eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa in part result from an intense pressure to achieve the perfect ideal body weight and physical appearance. Emphasis on being perfect begins early in childhood and continues to grow with age, sometimes so much that a personality takes on a perfectionistic drive affecting every aspect of daily life. Perfectionism is a common individualized personality trait which in part stems from this ardent cultural pressure. According to the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, perfectionism is defined as "a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable". Given this definition, is this trait, perfectionism, one that can be directly linked to those people who suffer from eating disorders? II. Perfectionism: A Closer Look: Setting high and demanding goals of achievement for oneself can be both a positive and negative experience. Yes, goals are important and essential in life to allow us to work for an ultimate high achievement. They give one purpose and drive. But what happens when this goal exceeds the normal realm of possibility to the point that it directly changes from a means for a self-actualizing strive for excellence to a neurotic, obsessive preoccupation with perfection? Roedell (1984) continues the argument that perfectionism can be looked upon as bo... ... (1 994). Perfectionism and the gifted. Roeper Review (I 7)3, 173-176. Pigott, T.A., Altemus, M., Rubenstein, C.S., Hill,J.L., Bihari, K., L'Heureux, F., Bernstein, S., Murphy D.L. (1991). Symptoms of eating disorders in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry. 148(11), 1552-7. Roedell, W.C. (1984). Vulnerabilities of highly gifted children. Roeper Review, 6(3), 127-130. Rothenburg, A. (1990). Adolescence and eating disorder: the obsessive-compulsive syndrome. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 13(3), 469-88. Slade, P.D. Newton, T., Butler, N.M., Murphy, P. (1991) An experimental analysis of perfectionism and dissatisfaction. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 30(Pt2), 169-76. Silverman, L.K. (I 99 5). Perfectionism. Paper discussed at the 1 1 th World Conference on Gifted and Talented Children, Honk Kong.

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Boston Red Sox Management Report Essay

The Boston Red Sox are a privately owned organization located in the Kenmore Square part of the city. The team plays at Fenway Park, located at 4 Yawkey Way in Boston. The Red Sox Front Offices are also located at Fenway Park. The park is currently celebrating its one-hundredth year, and is the oldest park in Major League Baseball The organization is tall in structure but is also departmentalized by function within this structure. At the top of this structure are the three owners, John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Tom Werner. This ownership group purchased the Boston Red Sox for $380 million in 2002 (Ozanian, 2012). John Henry is the Red Sox’ principal owner, while Larry Lucchino serves as the President and CEO, and Tom Werner serves as Chairman. This departmentalization can be seen one level down in the hierarchy of the Boston Red Sox. Under the owners, there are sixteen different departments. These sixteen departments consist of the typical organizational departments such as Marketing, Legal, Human Resources and Information Technology departments, but there are also several environmentally specific departments. These environmentally specific departments include Ticketing, Baseball Operations, Fan services and Entertainment, and Ballpark Operations. The heads of these sixteen departments report directly to the President and CEO, Larry Lucchino. The Boston Red Sox are privately owned and operated, meaning that they are not sold and traded on the stock market and that all funding comes directly from the owners themselves. The Boston Red Sox gain most of their revenue through ticket sales, as they are known for constantly having a full ballpark while having expesive ticket prices. In terms of sport, market, stadium, and brand management, they are valued at $912 million, the second highest valuation of the thirty teams in Major League Baseball (Ozanian, 2012). I spoke with Stephanie Maneikis, the Senior Manager for Fan Services and Entertainment with the Boston Red Sox. She is in charge of a plethora of different activities and people throughout the organization. These include managing Fenway Ambassadors, Yawkey Way Hosts, and Family Room staff, being he main liaison for the players’ wives and families, executing the pre-game ceremonies that take place prior to each game at Fenway Park, and overseeing the Yawkey Way and concourse entertainment. Stephanie told me that she began working for the Red Sox in 2006 as a Fenway Ambassador. She graduated from college in 2007 and after that, spent the next year working in a part-time capacity. During that year, she proved herself worthy of more and more responsibility. During the off-season of 2008, her manager at the time left the team and she was promoted to a full-time position as Coordinator of Fan Services & Entertainment. After a year as coordinator, she was named Manager, and was recently promoted to Senior Manager. Stephanie graduated from college with a Bachelor’s of Arts and her major was history. She told me that everything just sort of happened and fell into place for her. She likes to say she was in the right place at the right time, but she told me that she knows that she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. I asked Stephanie about the working atmosphere within the Boston Red Sox organization. She told me that working for the Boston Red Sox is a lesson in what it means to multi-task. There is never a dull moment and at any given time Stephanie could be working on 5 different projects, all of the utmost importance. It can be stressful, but at the end of the day she feels that it’s all worth it. Her co-workers make all the difference in the world and everyone within the organization feels like they are part of one big family. I also spoke with Kellie Holden, an Elon graduate who currently lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Kellie told me that she is a 6th grade special education teacher and she is responsible for teaching students who have reading and language based disabilities. We discussed how she got started with this type of work, and Kellie told me that she has always enjoyed working with children and during her senior year of high school she had an experience volunteering in an inclusion classroom with regular and special education students. Ever since that opportunity she knew that she wanted to be a special education teacher. I asked Kellie how she got her job and what jobs and experiences have led her to her present position. She told me that all of the practicum and student teaching experiences that she had at Elon were great on her resume, but they didn’t help her too much with connections back in Massachusetts. She had a few family friends who knew a few people in the town she currently works in. They were able to pass along her resume and get her an interview. Clearly, having connections is important in all fields, not just business. Finally, we discussed whether she finds her job exciting or boring. She informed that everyday at her job is different. She is always teaching new things which keeps it exciting, but her students make her job the most exciting. Working with special education students, nothing is ever simple but they make her smile every day. Lastly, I spoke with Patty Vattes, the Senior Manager of Human Resources with the Boston Red Sox. I asked Patty what makes a successful hire for the Boston Red Sox. She told me that the Red Sox view a successful hire as someone who is hard working, dedicated, innovative and willing to go the extra mile. Next we discussed the Red Sox’ approach to hiring and whether promoting from within is an important approach for the organization. She informed me that the Red Sox strive on the success from promoting from within. With almost all positions, the Red Sox look at internal candidates first and Patty told me that they are working on methods to improve that process. Lastly, I asked Patty what mistakes she has observed of unsuccessful candidates seeking to work with the Boston Red Sox. Patty said that an unsuccessful candidate with the Boston Red Sox is one who wants to work for the Boston Red Sox in any capacity and does not have a specific skill set or knowledge of the type of job they’d like to have. She told me that there have been many occasions when someone says they’ll do anything just to work for the Red Sox, and that is never a good statement to make. Clearly, like any business, the Red Sox want people with various skill sets and a not someone who just wants the glamour of working for a Major League Baseball team.

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A Single Parent Has Not Been Viewed As A Positive Thing

A single parent has not been viewed as a positive thing for a family. It has become very prevalent in society, although being raised by one parent does not seem very possible. What people need to understand is that to properly raise the child is not one that relies on the stereotypical family structure. The properly raised child is based off the morals and values that their parents taught as the child grew. All that is seen by people is the difference between having a child with one parent or two parents. This argument is very intriguing. What needs to be noticed as a community is how and why behavioral, emotional, and social skills of a child with a single parent can be as developmental and progressive as a child with married or two†¦show more content†¦Families are changing very fast. The rates of children that are living with a first-time marriage household is decreasing quickly. According to Pew Research Center in 1960 there was seventy-three percent of two parents in fi rst marriage and from then until 2014 the numbers decrease to forty-six percent of two parents in the first marriage. In 2014 there are fifteen percent of children living in a household with step parents, seven percent living with cohabiting parents, twenty-six percent single parents, and five percent with no parents. There is an increase decline in what a traditional family is. In a Census study, there is data that found that â€Å"over a three-year period, about three-in-ten (31%) children younger than 6 had experienced a major change in their family or household structure, in the form of parental divorce, separation, marriage, cohabitation or death.† Since there is complexity in these numbers it is alarming. This is showing that there are several families who did not think of the relationship before having kids. This research is basically telling Americans that there is no family structure that is still traditional. Parents need to put into consideration the time and energ y it takes to have a kid. Success is possible if there is a parent that puts forth everything they have. The 29-year-old RB singer`s father walked out when she was just two, leaving her to be raised by her mother in a rough New York neighborhood. Her childhood was aShow MoreRelatedChange Of Perspective On Single Parent Mother989 Words   |  4 PagesChange of Perspective on Single-parent Mother Society has a different perspective over various aspects that determine society and to change that perspective means to provide something new and beneficial towards it. Socialization and equality has changed the perspective of single-parent mother from what it was within couple of years back from now. Single-mother used to be viewed from different perspectives, and were thought to be the burden for the whole society, whereas now, single-mother is known asRead MoreShould A Child Be Raised Together Or Alone?1256 Words   |  6 PagesTogether or Alone? Britny Valdez â€Æ' Should a Child Be Raised Together or Alone? â€Å"Single-parent families now constitute 30 percent of all families with minor children and are the most rapidly growing families in America† (as cited in Dowd, 1997). When people hear the term ‘single-parent’ they automatically think it means a person who is the legal guardian of a child or children. It is typical for a single-parent to be a woman, because the statistics on the proportion of the children who live withRead MoreThe Big Brothers Big Sisters Essay1427 Words   |  6 Pagesexplains the impact of said individual’s social bonds. Hirschi’s views that â€Å"all individuals are potential law violators, but most are kept under control because they fear that illegal behavior will damage their relationships†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Siegel 208). If someone has a weak bond to society may be more likely to behave in a criminalistics manner and therefore commit criminal acts. Hirschi believes that the four main social elements someone should maintain ar e the aspects of attachment, commitment, belief, and involvementRead MoreWhat Role Do Mobile Phones Play in Society? Discuss the Influence of Technology on Everyday Life: Relationships, Social Movements and Education.1003 Words   |  5 PagesThe amount of use of mobile phones in modern society has grown to an enormous scale. They have been accepted into everyday life and have become a way of life, not only for instant communication but now days, mobiles are integrated into everyday life with email, photography, playing music and also a form of security for people. Mobile phones have changed global cultures, especially for the younger demographic as contact with friends is instant and easily accessible. This essay aims to explore theRead MoreWomen s Influence On Gender Roles1427 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the years and years that society has lived out today, men have undoubtedly been glorified and held in high esteem for their accomplishments, character, and influence. Man ha s become a symbol of power, with masculinity becing associated with positive attributes such as strength, intelligence, and control. Femininity however, has been regarded as weak, superficial, and vacuous. Such an outlook on gender roles has resulted in an unequal power dynamic and an increasing deprecating view ofRead MoreLiving Together For The Future884 Words   |  4 Pagesaffect the decision of marriage in the future. Another reason emerging adults choose to cohabitate is financial stability. Since many emerging adults do not have as high-paying jobs as older adults, they tend to have a harder time being able to pay for things. By cohabitating, couples can split the cost of bills, rent, groceries, etc. Although a couple may not be ready for the commitment of marriage, cohabitating is able to take away some of the financial strain they may face. Furthermore, cohabitationRead MoreThe Importance Of Personal Identity952 Words   |  4 Pagesresponsibility to ensure the success of that estate and as well as the success of my siblings. This responsibility is then greater when you are the only son, which I am. I didn’t truly accept this role until I was much older and had experience certain things that I didn’t want my younger siblings to go through. I didn’t really have much of a choice, I was thrusted into this role with no real time to learn of what it all entailed. I was born to be the only son, something I had no control over. This identityRead MoreHow To talk So Kids Will Listen Listen So Kids Will Talk1464 Words   |  6 Pageschildren, parents and educators usually have a hard time in understanding kids in order to help them follow guidelines. It is a great achievement to be able to adhere to children and keep them on the right path. When one has to deal with a child it is very difficult to communicate, understand, and listen in order to get a feel of how to guide the child. If all these components are obtained then it can lead t o a positive relationship with the child all the way to adulthood. If the parent and educatorsRead MoreCultural Segregation And Black Culture811 Words   |  4 Pagesby knowing their name. Some people who do this are viewed as being racist, closed minded, or even prejudice. Although the black power movement had a positive effect, it also had a negative effect since it increased the cultural gap between whites and blacks. A name may just be a name but every story has a name like every name has a story. The story that a name tells makes all the difference of a person getting a call back or not. Black parent(s) are more likely than any other ethnic group to giveRead MoreA Case for Shared Parenting1644 Words   |  7 Pagesa child of divorced parents growing up the in the nineties in New York City, I was hardly a minority. Approximately half of all kids my age had divorced parents and it generally wasnt considered strange or a big deal. From this pool of divorced kids whose parents had divorced for a variety of reasons, there was one thing they all had in common, as far as I knew, the majority of custody had been granted to the mothers in nearly all of the situations. This has generally been the case for a long